Grace vs Law

June 18, 2006

Most christians and even messianics when confronted with traditional jews, think LAW, Bondage, No freedom, religion, unsaved, and no spirit.
They think "these jews are trying to earn their way to heaven by keeping commandments, rituals, and laws." BZZZZZZZ – WRONG!
First of all, stop that thinking dead in it's tracks!
Jews do not EARN salvation by anything. They don't work for their place in heaven, or earn points to have eternal life. According to the Torah, Jews will always have a place in heaven!
Why? because we are the children of israel, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
We were promised by G-D from the very beginning that we would always have a place!
It was initiated by a 'covenant' or "Agreement" between us (jews) and G-D.
Grace was given to us in the first of the 10 commandments!
The first commandment says "I am the L-rd your G-D who brought you out of the land of egypt, out of the house of slavery." Contrary to popular belief, the First commandment is not "You shall have no other gods before me." According to Traditional Judaism, this is the 2nd commandment, not the first. So who are you going to believe? The church? or jewish tradition dating back much earlier than the church? Remember this – you must begin at the ROOT of everything! A house cannot be built from the top floor! You must start at the foundation, and go up! Anyway, getting back…
The first commandment, as stated above, are words of GRACE! Not Law!
Therefore the whole idea of grace BEGINS with the Torah not the NT!
Please understand, the Laws of the Torah were given as instructions for life.
The word "Torah" means 'instructions' in hebrew, not LAW.
The church and it's anti-semetism renders it as LAW.
If you read the Psalms, you will find many places where it says the Torah is:

1. light
2. candle
3. guide
4. path
5. a lamp
6. life
7. light of life
How can something not having grace have these things?
The church has made a very big mistake. Yehoshua knew all these things I am talking about when he said "Not one dot or stroke will pass away from the Law or prophets".
The jews were given grace from the very beginning. Yehoshua did not bring grace.
We already had it! Yehoshua brought CLARITY in a time when things had become very corrupt, clouded, and confused. He never changed the Torah, did away with it, put it aside, or added to it (according to him, he couldn't!) To destroy Torah, would be to destroy himself, and that would definately not make him Messiah…..


Intro – Yehoshua who?

June 18, 2006

First of all, who was Yehoshua?
The hebrew name translated is Joshua.
Yehoshua to put it bluntly, is not a WAS but an "is". Most people would identify him as "Jesus". This is the name that the early church did not name him but evolved into this name later as it passed over from Italy to Greece, and finally ending up in the rest of the world, moreso in England and the US.
The original name was IEXUS, or ISIS, and pronounced "EYESIS".
Isis was the name of a Pagan goddess in Egypt or the goddess of the sun.
The early church prosecting jews for not accepting paganism, rejected jewish law and traditions. They knew Yeshua was a jewish name and did not want to accept it.
So, the emperor Constantine changed it to IEXUS to reflect their beliefs in paganism and
their newly founded god. They were fascinated by the Apostle Paul's teachings, but could not give up their pagan lifestyles. So, christianity was made and the rest is history.
Now, you may say, Yes, but , i'm not a pagan, or idol worshipping egyptian! I believe in the same god you believe in!
That may be true! but, as Yehoshua said, " A tree is known by it's fruit".
In other words, just because a mouse lives in the cookie jar, it doesn't make him a cookie!
A word of caution – if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.
This revealed truth to you may open up doors you don't want to open.
If you are a closed minded person with horse-type blinders on, this may upset you or put a wrench in your theology. But, don't be upset with me, just look into it and judge for YOURSELF, checking my words with the bible. Also, MOST IMPORTANT, you must understand, when Yehoshua walked the earth in his day, there WAS NO new testament yet written at the time. It did not get written until 150 years after his death. So, what was there? The Torah, the Jews, and Jewish tradition. Therefore, you must see this with JEWISH EYES. Why? because everyone else at that time did. Get it?
Don't copy the same mindset as Constantine did and his followers! Accept it the way it was in the early days and understand it was only changed by the church. Not by Yehoshua himself or even the L-rd our G-D. Everything followed the natural path of judaism with a jewish mindset. As it was then, it is still today….